Frédéric & Olivier – Zéro

Dark experimental Tech-Synth-Pop instrumentals. The album „Zéro“ is a declaration of cubistic ambient electronic music.

Two seperated friends produced in Covid-summer 2021 a bunch of tracks at their homes and merged their input together. 15 years ago they use to play together in a musicgroup called Sankt Otten. Since then they stayed in touch and shared a lot musical interest. There was always the plan to realise an musical collaboration. Now it came true and shows that some things take a long run to be realized. Never surrender, never give up your dreams.

1. Rien de tout 04:34
2. En moins de deux 05:45
3. Tolérance zéro 04:48
4. Trou noir 04:48
5. Nous avons tout perdu 04:39
6. La mer 04:56
7. Le grand néant 04:48
8. Blues de la bof génération 03:36
9. Zéro zéro 05:55
10. Nul et non avenu 04:00

Zéro by Frédéric & Olivier
Zéro by Frédéric & Olivier

released November 5, 2021

Instruments: Moog Mother 32, Fender Jazz Master, Gibson SG, Ebow +, Pigments, PaulXStretch, Audiowind, Audiorain, VPS Avenger, Repro-1, Oberheim XA, XO, EZ Bass, Pigments, Solina, Poly Grid, Continua, Polymer, TB 303, Diva, RMI Harmonic, Virtual String Machine, TAL U-NO-LX, FM-4, The Legend, Dune, Dune-2, Dune-3, EZ Bass, Tyrell N6, EZ Keys, Juno-6, EZ Bass, Ambient Pads, Polysynth, Chipspeech

FX: Eventide H9, Strymon Blue Sky, Strymon Brigadier, Electro Harmonix Micro Pog, Dirt Transmitter, Fetto Himmelsturz, TC Electronic Chorus +, Cymatics Space, GTR Stomp, H-Delay, Kramer Tape, Looperator, Valhalla Shimmer, Valhalla Supermassive, Eventide Blackhole, Bitwig Studio Reverb/Delay/Saturator/EQ/Arpegiator/Grid

DAW & Mastering: Bitwig Studio, Izotope Ozone, Gullfoss

composed & recorded 2021: Oliver Klemm & Frederic Engel
design: Frza
artwork: Holly