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„This is a soundtrack to a movie which yet has to be made.And I would definitly watch this. Lieblingstitel: Your Head In The Clouds.“ [leitfrequenz]

„Great album. Reminds me sometimes the TD’s „Thief“ soundtrack. Highly recommended to the fans of that era of music. Lieblingstitel: Stars Of Yellow And Green.“ [Rene van der Wouden]

„Fredy Engel is one of the artists who have inspired me the most in recent years. It’s a pleasure to enjoy this new musical journey Lieblingstitel: Taxis Appear On The Shore.“ [Menash]

01 A Boat On A River 6:04
02 Marmalade Skies 4:48
03 Unearthly 4:56
04 Stars Of Yellow And Green 9:36
05 With The Sun In Her Eyes 4:39
06 Bridge By A Fountain 5:32
07 Taxis Appear On The Shore 7:32
08 Your Head In The Clouds 7:40
09 Train In A Station 6:41
10 Drift Past The Flowers 5:22
11 Answer Quite Slowly 5:14
12 Take You Away 5:28

Sonic Fiction by MiDi BiTCH
Sonic Fiction by MiDi BiTCH

released December 15, 2023

Music composed, performed and produced by: Fredy Engel

Artwork: Cyclical Dreams
Photography: Amp Puttipong