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„RAiNBOW CONNECTiON is the second compilation of various demo tracks and layouts that never was released. But this cosmic retrofuturistic electronic instrumental tracks are here to stay.“



„KOSMISCHE BRÜCKE (Cosmic Bridge) is a avantgarde retrofuturistic instrumental album that describes an illustration of different mindmaps, emotions and consciousness. Cinematic instrumental music in the deepest devotion of sequenced 70’s & 80’s Synthesis in the spirit of Berlin School, Electronic Krautrock and Düsseldorf Sound. Rises and sources from the synthetic maelstrom of „Kosmische Musik“

1. Der Rest von Allem 07:16
2. Raketenbahn 06:24
3. Die unterste Schublade ist ein Klischee 04:07
4. Von der Kürze des Lebens 06:50
5. Seelisch entsichert 05:44
6. Ein für allemal 04:15
7. Herz der Sonne 05:31
8. Spottgeburt von Dreck und Feuer 05:25
9. Ich war ein Heiliger 04:39

Instruments: Bazille, Chipspeech, Repro-1, VPS Avenger, XO, Roland Juno 6, Korg Mono/Poly, Promars, KX Synth X16, Arturia Mini Moog, Looperator, Addictive Drums 2, EZBass, Massive X, Arturia Matrix-12, Hive, Kontakt, Ambient Pads, ANA 2, MassiveX, Arturia Spark, Bitwig Phase 4, VG Carbon, Repro-1, KLEVGR Hillman, KLEVGR Enkl, Bitwig Polysynth, Bitwig Polygrid, Superwave Equinoxe, Resonator Glockenspiel Kontakt, Solina, Klang Krautrock Machine Kontakt, Repro-5, Messiah 2, Bitwig FM-4, Kontakt Arva Children Choir

FX: Valhalla Shimmer, H-Delay Stereo, Rev PLATE-140, Big Rock, Izotope Ozone, Izotope Neutron, Fab Filter, Reflex free, Valhalla Plate, Valhalla Vintage Verb, Valhalla Supermassive, Replika, Ovox Stereo, Guitar Rig, Soundtoys Echoboy, Soundtoys Filter Freak, Bitwig Studio Reverb-Delay-Saturator-EQ-Arpegiator

DAW & Mastering: Bitwig Studio, Izotope Ozone, Gullfoss
released July 2, 2021

Design: Frza // Cover-Photography: Tina Oooooh
Composed, written and produced by Fredy Engel aka Frza – 2021 Osnabrück, Germany


„RAiNBOW CONNECTiON is the lost soundtrack of the dystopian movie that never was filmed. The 11 Tracks illustrates the journey of a entity in a retrofuturistic world. At some point it realizes that is traveling without moving and its own existence seems also to be a illusion.“

1. LiCHTBLiCK 04:17
6. PATiENT 10:28
8. NOAH FUNK 07:02
9. RÜCKKEHR 06:24
10. PROViNZ 04:04
11. AUFBRUCH 03:45

Instruments: Clavinet V, TB 303, VPS Avenger, KX SYNTH X16, Labs, Synth1, XO, EzBass, Haunted Guitar, Pigments, Piano V2, PolyM, Repro-1, Polygrid, Kontakt, Mini Moog V3, Virtual String Machine Eminent, Arturia CZ V, Solina V2, Mini Moog V3, SQ8L, ARP 2600, B3 V, SH-101, Aparillo, Repro-1, Promars, ARP Odyssey, Messiah 2, EZkeys, Spire, EZbass, Super-8, Addictive Drums 2, Repro-1, Spark, Polysnth, Modular V3, TAL Bassline 101, XILS 201

FX: Valhalla Shimmer, H-Delay Stereo, Rev PLATE-140, Big Rock, Izotope Ozone, Izotope Neutron, Fab Filter, Reflex free, Valhalla Plate, Valhalla Vintage Verb, Valhalla Supermassive, Replika, Ovox Stereo, Bitwig Studio Reverb-Delay-Saturator-EQ-Arpegiator

DAW & Mastering: Bitwig Studio, Izotope Ozone, Gullfoss
releases June 4, 2021

Artwork: Holly holllly.blogspot.com
Composed, written and produced by Fredy Engel aka Frza – 2021 Osnabrück, Germany



“There are strokes of genius and poignant moments in this unreleased OST”

1 LiCHTBLiCK 4:17
6 PATiENT 10:28
8 NOAH FUNK 7:02
10 PROViNZ 4:04
11 AUFBRUCH 3:45

M!D!-B!TCH Music | (DDL 62:29) (V.F.) | (Ambient, Dark Synth Waves)

It’s with samplings of voices lying on hoops evaporating in a musical blue that LiCHTBLiCK hesitates to come out of its rhythmic shell. Not that his rhythm is violent, no! Sitting on slow pulses of a sultry bassline, well-tuned percussions, DJ’s chak-a-chak effects and floating synth pads, this down-tempo and its scorching bass are moving on and off between dialogues and sci-fi analog cosmic elements. For M!D!-B!TCH, RAiNBOW CONNECTiON is the lost soundtrack of a dystopian movie that was never made. An original concept-album available only for download, the 11 tracks illustrate the journey of an entity in a retro-futuristic world. At one point, he realizes that he is traveling without moving and that his own existence also seems to be an illusion.

The bad boy of retro synth-pop resurfaces with an amazing album that proves he’s not just a flash in the pan. The sonic environment is exploited to the fullest for a palette of short tracks, that total over an hour of slow beats, is sitting on percussive effects from the synth-wave years and filled of cosmic and futuristic electronic effects with plenty of vocal samplings. Among them is an artificial voice, a synth-diva, which gives us chills at times. For the most part, the setting is fueled by reverberating effects and short synth pads that are the source of melodies going on among artificial voices.

The electronic winds driving MODUS OPERANDi initiate a churning play of bass-sequences under a sky illuminated with electronic effects comparable to futuristic fireworks. Apart from the spacey voice samplings, there is a layer of absent voices whose fusion ignites a kind of electronic rock (E-Rock) with a good rhythm that is more catchy than slow. The guitar becomes more perceptible after the 3rd minute, introducing solos and ambient laments to give shivers to the soul. A very good track that becomes poignant. And DER EiNZiGE UND SEiN EiGENTUM has absolutely nothing to envy it. Its slow morphic rhythm is well packed in its case of anaesthetizing mist full of reverberations. Keyboard chords embellish this introduction that clings to its slow flow that is more in the 80’s synth-wave style with percussion’s sputterings from that period and the atmospheric wanderings filled with the whispers of a Synth-Diva.

The arrangements are well done with a more dramatic, cinematic level of intensity tied to the keyboard chords that are nonetheless very discreet. Escaping from its core of reverberations, softened by that artificial voice predominant in RAiNBOW CONNECTiON, DiE DUNKELHEiT DES AUDiTORiUMS is offering a very nice lunar ballad with a more dramatic vision here than elsewhere on this album. Its slow rhythm seems to drag the weight of the universe on its percussion. The synth pads fit the humming voice while the arrangements are designed to give us chills. A great track! We always stay in slow structures, even when pushed by circular elements, like in KEiN GESTERN, KEiN HEUTE, KEiN MORGEN and its fluttering wings that make it vibrate on the spot in a decor that smells improvisation with this organ spitting the fire of an E-Rock unfinished.

Drum’n’bass-like cymbals flutter in the opening of PATiENT, which offers nothing less than a long dialogue between a patient and his shrink over a texture of reverberations that curl up like a knot of snakes. The ambiences become intense at times, dropping ballast in order to avoid an appropriate explosion. A long atmospheric interlude before the dance structure that is DiE SONNE DES BEWUSSTSEiNS. The sequencer unravels a circular and spasmodic line, supporting a keyboard and its scattered chords as well as a synth with short breaths aiming to become harmonies, like solos.

NOAH FUNK doesn’t really need any description, its title says it all! It’s an excellent Funk inseminated by a cosmic electronic flora with arrangements that surprise as well as charm with its core of trumpets and saxophones. All this takes place in Cosmos and its multiple effects and musical fireworks. The drums are exceptional towards its finale. A very different slow title this RÜCKKEHR is! Its slow rhythm is activated by good percussions which do the job while the texture of harmony remains nebulous with waves of reverberations, more musical here than elsewhere, and sinister synth layers scribbled by guitar effects and distant saxophone arrangements. PROViNZ takes us back to the fuller atmospheres of RAiNBOW CONNECTiON’s first half. Its non-existent flow personifies a cinematic texture of a bustling city with creative sound effects that managed to entice my ears. AUFBRUCH offers a finale that literally connects to the album’s story. It opens with the husky voice, I guess of the one who didn’t want to play the piano (PATiENT), articulated with a cannula inserted in the neck. The music comes to life with a delicate keyboard whose limpid chords are invaded by a screaming voice whining its claims. Structured on good percussions, AUFBRUCH moves on with the impulses thrown by the synth and a guitar which share ambiances and rhythm on this dark title. These impulses become more accentuated, giving a dramatic texture to this track which will make us hear again this keyboard before fading out. No problem let’s play it again!

Less powerful than Transkosmos, RAiNBOW CONNECTiON is still a good album with a very strong first half. Too strong compared to the rest of the album! I still like to hear the universe of this deviant Punk that tries to do Electronica in electronic textures not far from Post-Punk. There are little strokes of genius from M!D!-B!TCH in this album, as well as poignant moments showing that we are dealing with an artist with countless creative tentacles.

Sylvain Lupari (July 17th, 2021) ***½**


M!D! B!TCH: Transkosmos (2021)

“Here’s a very pleasant surprise with this album that offers us a great cosmic journey from start to finish”

1 Geradeaus bis zum Morgen 5:31
2 Augenblick und Ewigkeit 6:06
3 Das Prinzip der Fluechtigkeit 7:16
4 Heilende Warheit 3:38
5 Der Satz vom Widerspruch 5:31
6 Der Nebel des Ungefaehren 6:10
7 Anspruch und Zumutung 3:31
8 Nostalgie und Sehnsucht 8:26
9 Krater der Möglichkeiten 8:52
10 Glückliche schwarze Tage 4:24
11 Zweitastengesellschaft 4:13
12 Die Logik des Opferns 10:52

Cyclical Dreams Music  | (DDL 74:34) (V.F.) | (Cosmic Rock, EM, Electronica)

I have to admit, this one is quite odd with its protesting and provocative name! However, the music of TRANSKOSMOS is as interesting as that of Martin Stürtzer who extricates himself from the cosmic ambiences of a certain French musician. I needed some research to understand that MIDI-BITCH was actually written M!D! B!TCH.

It is also the other name of Fritz Carraldo and finally that of Fredy Engel, formally keyboardist Sankt Otten. This latest discovery of Cyclical Dreams turns out to be one of its most interesting with a vision of cosmic rock inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre and Martin Stürtzer for the Space Groove and Cosmic Dub side. It’s 75 minutes of electronic cosmic rock densely covered with a sound vegetation that fills our ears to the rim.

A line of bass pulsations escapes from this industrial rumble that adorns the post-punk electronic and cinematographic opening of Geradeaus bis zum Morgen. Synth layers cover this bed of static pulsations with a crossing of Vangelis and JMJarre who also inspires the percussive decoration with its percussions under the sign of rattlesnake’s tails.

Shaken by its convulsive impulses and fed by an interesting fauna of percussive elements, including these haunting tinkles, the rhythm is a good cosmic rock, more catchy for the neurons than the feet. The harmonies are assumed by synth layers which extend in circular rays. A very good title which gives a seductive kick-off to another great discovery of the Argentinian label.

Attached to a pulsating bassline, Augenblick und Ewigkeit follows the same tangent of stationary cosmic rock. The sounding revolving headlights of the synth sign a good apocalyptic vision of science fiction. A cinematic texture that we find all around the album. Sparkles, as lively as they are discreet, are at the origin of Das Prinzip der Fluechtigkeit. A bassline spreads its shadow, initiating the metamorphosis of shimmerings that transform into big strobe buzzes. This ambient opening clings onto a synthesized veil whose emotional rise leaves a trail of silently screaming emotions in the sensual movements of this bass line.

Playing between rhythm and its ambiences, Das Prinzip der Fluechtigkeit chooses intensity to weave the thread of our emotions. A good Space-Dub!

Heilende Warheit is a short title which would tie in well with the atmospheres of a new Oxygene by Jean-Michel Jarre. There are good loopy effects on the synth solos here, as there are Vangelis‚ vibes.

Ambiences that can be found here in the very aggressive Der Satz vom Widerspruch. Aggressive because of this mass of reverberations which makes a chthonic intergalactic ambience crackle. Its sound radioactivity carries out a transformation which will restore this nobility to these opalescent arpeggios singing the apple to us since its opening. There are voice effects, that we also find in other titles, which get lost in the invading universe of Der Satz vom Widerspruch and its second part which curls on our chills.

Der Nebel des Ungefaehren is a superb cosmic rock, catchy with sound pastiches of the synth-pop years. Theatrical with its keyboard chords falling with aggressiveness and ferocity, Anspruch und Zumutung offers an electronic punk rhythm, like Magazine, flowing like a grass snake.

Even the voices of cosmonauts are attractive in this short title which does quite its impact placed between Der Nebel des Ungefaehren and Nostalgie und Sehnsucht which is the most complex and atmospheric title of TRANSKOSMOS.

Krater der Möglichkeiten offers an opening woven into the vocal effects of Robert Schroeder before blossoming in a good heavy and lively cosmic mid-tempo. Always covered with this dense tonal flora, the track sits on a good pulsating bass line and percussions which give it this bewitching aspect of circular rhythm rolling in the opposite direction of the fluidity of its bass line. A very good track with effects from the Flower Power years. Glückliche schwarze Tage charms us with its debonair hopping gait in a rubbery texture.

Zweitastengesellschaft is of the Cosmic Ambient House genre with a psybient veil from another galaxy. Last jewel of this imposing crown of 12 titles, Die Logik des Opferns besieges us with the sound texture of Geradeaus bis zum Morgen in a much slower vision. It’s a title without real rhythmic life but propelled by these giant impulses of synth layers. A true cosmic rock hovering with rattlesnakes as travel companions and these synth blades spinning like these rotating headlights announcing a probable human catastrophe.

TRANSKOSMOS is a very pleasant surprise from M!D! B!TCH who offers us here a cosmic journey from start to finish. The ordering of the titles makes the journey more interesting because Fredy Engel places his ambient structures between rhythms whose variable pitches are a box of surprises. Even after 4 consecutive plays! I really appreciated this album by this artist which is an extension of Jarre going up to Martin Stürtzer and this futuristic psybient universe.

Sylvain Lupari (February 7th, 2021) 4/5 | SynthSequences.com | https://www.synthsequences.com/post/m-d-b-tch-transkosmos-2021

Available at Cyclical Dreams Bandcamp