MiDi BiTCH - Natal
MiDi BiTCH – Natal

Midi Bitch – Natal

„Natal is a electronic instrumental journey through dark soundscapes and colored pads from the twilight zone of ying and yang. It works also as a user’s guide to traveling without moving.“

„NATAL is a very good album from MiDi BiTCH who knows how to bring an industrial vision to his EM without taking away his poetic cosmic vision. There are some very strong moments in this album…“



M!D! B!TCH – Transkosmos

TRANSKOSMOS is a very pleasant surprise from M!D! B!TCH who offers us here a cosmic journey from start to finish. The ordering of the titles makes the journey more interesting because Fredy Engel places his ambient structures between rhythms whose variable pitches are a box of surprises. Even after 4 consecutive plays! I really appreciated this album by this artist which is an extension of Jarre going up to Martin Stürtzer and this futuristic psybient universe.”